Oak Hills Covenants

Oak Hills has conditions, covenants, and restrictions,  which help keep our neighborhood aesthetically  pleasing.  The 2004 National Association of Realtors “profiles of home buyers and sellers” report that the number one factor influencing neighborhood choice is neighborhood quality.  These guidelines help maintain property values.  Well designed and thoughtful use of the land allows our homes to coexist with the environment, and not be thrust upon it.  Homes live in harmony with the rolling hills that surround us. By enforcing the covenants you’ll have the satisfaction of helping preserve irreplaceable suburban living surrounded by urban sprawl. Our covenants were written in several pieces called “units”.  As the neighborhood was built, a new unit would be formed and covenants written. Not all areas of our neighborhood are the same. These documents were written many years ago and need to be refreshed.  Its a huge project that the members of the code committee continue to work on.

Units map-compressed

Other useful documents

OHCA ByLaws:  Amended Sept. 2013


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