Oak Hills Covenants – Should we enforce them?

The Oak Hills neighborhood was initially developed in the mid-1950s by V.F. Buchek and Associates on 170 acres of the T. C. Frost ranch. The neighborhood is divided into units bounded by Fredericksburg Rd./Babcock Rd./Callaghan Rd./Oak Hills Country Club/ N.W. Loop 410. The plats recorded for each subdivision unit include covenants and restrictions for building and development on each of the respective lots.

Oak Hills covenants are continually in effect unless a majority of owners of recorded lots agree to change them in whole or in part. Covenants are enforced by the filing a proceeding in court to restrain the violation of applicable covenants.

Some of the covenants and restrictions common to all lots within the Oak Hills subdivisions include:

  • Only single family residential homes may be built on any lot
  • No temporary residence (trailer or outbuilding used as a residence) is permitted on any lot;
  • Homes must be at least 75% to 90% masonry construction (varies by unit)
  • Minimum main residence floor space square footage requirements;
  • Building setback requirements;
  • Driveways must be surfaced with concrete, asphalt or similar material;
  • Activity that is noxious, offensive and generally a nuisance is prohibited;
  • Restrictions on walls or fences between the front line of the residence and street

The covenant dealing with the construction of fences has become somewhat controversial in recent years. Often, new homeowners are not aware that there are restrictions on fences. If the homeowner ignores a notice that a fence is out of compliance with covenants, it is then up to neighbors and OHCA to take legal action. This can be expensive all parties involved.

A question before the OHCA Board of Directors is: To what extent do Oak Hills residents feel strongly that covenants, particularly those dealing with fences, should be enforced? We want to know how YOU feel.

Survey available here

Detailed Summary of Oak Hills Covenants Here


One thought on “Oak Hills Covenants – Should we enforce them?

  1. We are going to be replacing our fence since it constantly falling apart. How can I go about making sure it is in compliance? It will be extended somewhat, though it will still only wrap around the back portion of the house. It will be made of horizontal cedar boards and be at a height of 6ft.


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