PAWS updates

It’s been a busy month for our OH PAWS group.  The rain brought more than just green grass and downed trees – it also brought kittens.  Two kittens were rescued by Beth and Gary on Lazyridge from the watery ravine behind Southpoint Condos.  “Squinch” already has a home but “Little Bit” will need a home as soon as he is nursed back to health. (See flyer “Ditch Sentinels”)

A terrier nicknamed “Caper” is currently being fostered by Sandy Beran, our neighbor, but is looking for a new home.  Interested in adding this little guy to your family?  Flyer for Caper

Update on “Bo”:  Found at CVS parking lot on Fredericksburg Rd. and taken to the vet by Reagan Tucker, picked up by Debra Fryatt fostered by Sandy Beran and home found by Debra!!  Great work everyone!

It truly does take a village, or in this case, it takes Oak Hills!!!  Bo now lives happily with his new family and has recently returned from a vacation at the coast!!!  Many thanks to all who participated in this rescue and re-homing!

~Submitted by Debra Fryatt

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