The Streets WHISPER our History

John Moore, our trusty OHCA Treasurer, sent me an email regarding a wonderful article regarding how our San Antonio streets got their names.  Unfortunately I couldn’t get into the e-subscription without a login, but  the San Antonio Express article is available on MySanAntonio.

We drive down Callaghan every day, but do you know who the street is named for?  Bryan V. Callaghan was an Irish immigrant who came to SA in the late 1830s.   He became active in local politics, serving one term as mayor in 1845.  But that would only be the start of a political “dynasty” here in SA.  His son, Bryan Jr., served nine terms, 1885-92, 1897-99, and 1905-12, who was said to have been “born rich, died poor, served many.”  One hundred years later, in 1947, another descendant became mayor of San Antonio.

Read more for yourself:

Flannary, John B.  The Irish Texans.  San Antonio:  The Institute of Texan Cultures, 1995.  Accessed using UTSA’s Digital Collections.

Gambitta, Richard.  The Beauty of San Antonio’s Forms of Governance.  San Antonio Express-News.  Accessed using MySA.

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